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The development of school and class expectations is based on our School Values of Respect, Responsibility, Inclusion, Understanding and Tolerance and Honesty and Trustworthiness. These expectations are designed to provide a safe and secure environment for our students, staff and visitors to our school.

School Board

The role of the School Board, as set out in the Department of Education & Training Ordinance 1976, is to determine the educational policy and curriculum of the school. To assess the physical, financial and staffing needs of the school, and to develop the relationship between the school and the community. The Board is comprised of three parents, elected by the parents and citizens, two teachers elected by the staff, and the Principal.

The Board works closely with the school community, the staff and P&C Association. It has the responsibility to assist staff in meeting the needs of the community. The Board is required to meet four times per year. Parents are always welcome to attend. Upcoming meetings are advertised in The Eagle newsletter.

A copy of the School Board Report is available under Our Community/School Board.

School Calendar

Upcoming events are advertised:


Each of the buildings on our school grounds are under the protection of a security system outside of school hours. Any suspicious activity on school property after hours should be reported to the police immediately.

If you are aware of any damage or vandalism, please contact the Education and Training Directorate Security and Emergency Management on 6205 9128.

Smoking on School Grounds

Smoking on the grounds of ACT Public Schools has not been permitted since 1 January 2008. Please
remember that this is an educational institution, and we should all be acting as positive role models for our students. The school grounds extend as far as the footpath at the front of the school, including the area around the gates, the bike shed, the car park and oval. If you are unsure of the boundaries of the school, a map is on display at the front office. Failure to adhere to the departmental policy may result in further action.

Download ACT Directorate of Education and Training Smoke Free Workplace Policy

Spring Fair

Students at Evatt Primary organise, manage and participate in the annual Spring Fair. This event provides opportunities for classes and small groups of students to run a variety of stalls to raise funds for their class or year group. Students and teachers are able to choose how they use these funds to buy educational games, sports equipment, books or to subsidise an excursion.

Student Learning Resources

Each year we source all of the stationary, supplies and resources required to support your child's learning. With a goal of keeping costs to a minimum + saving parents and carers time sourcing themselves, we have purchased the supplies in bulk and will provide them to the students as required throughout the year. We have ensured the purchase of high quality resources. Some of these supplies include: workbooks, pencils, pens, textas, glue sticks, scissors, rubbers, sharpeners, rulers, scissors, tissues, handwriting books (selected year levels) + a large number of specific resources required for Art, Science, Technology, Mathematics, Sustainability and Literacy.

We encourage all parents/carers to pay for the learning resource requirements for their child(ren).

The Student Learning Resources payment has been set at $70 per year.

Direct Debit payment:

Account Name: Evatt Primary School Management Account
BSB: 032777
Account number: 001244
Reference: <your child’s surname> <1510BP>

This contribution can also be paid:

Student Support Fund

The school has a student support fund that may be used to assist students whose families find themselves in desperate situations. Parents who require assistance from this fund must approach the Principal in the first instance for confidential assistance.

Sustainable Schools

Evatt School is committed to becoming more sustainable. The students, teachers and school community continue to work on reducing our ecological "footprint". Students from Kindergarten to Year 6 study science and sustainability based on the National Curriculum - Science and the Sustainability Curriculum Frameworks. Students maintain the school vegetable garden and sell the produce to the school community as well as supplying it to the canteen. Students also maintain both the Sensory Garden and the Indigenous Garden.

Evatt School is an accredited Waste Wise School and a Light House School in sustainability education for the Australian Sustainable Schools Initiative (AUSSI).  We also enjoy a vibrant parent community supporting the school in its environmental initiatives.