Our Community

Your Involvement

Co-operation and free exchange of ideas between parents and teachers are regarded as a vital part of each child's development and progress.

Parents and any other interested members of the community are welcome to assist in the classrooms and units, and with various excursions and other educational activities. Parents can provide invaluable assistance with reading, craft, music, physical education, sport and electives. Parent involvement in the school allows the children to benefit by contact interaction with a larger number of adults.

Parents are always welcome to make arrangements with the teacher to visit and observe work in the classes. The most important involvement parents can have with their children's education is an active and continuing interest in their school activities, whether this interest is expressed at school or at home.

From time to time Parent Training Programs are held. These opportunities will help parents to assist children at home in ways consistent with current teaching strategies, as well as equipping parents to be effective helpers in the School.