Our School

What's In a Name?

Justice EvattEvatt School opened in 1974 as the neighbourhood school for the then new Belconnen suburb of Evatt.

Evatt is named after one of Australia's foremost legal-political figures, Dr Herbert Vere Evatt (1894-1965.) With a brilliant academic background in law, Dr Evatt was admitted to the Sydney Bar where he was immediately successful, making silk in 1929.

In the 1940 elections, Evatt won the Sydney seat of Barton and was a member of the Fadden Ministry's Advisory War Council. In 1941 he became Attorney General and Minister for External Affairs, and later Deputy Prime Minister in the Chifley Ministry of 1946. He led many Australian wartime missions overseas and through his leadership the External Affairs Department expanded considerably. Dr Evatt became the first architect of an independent Australian foreign policy. He was President of the General Assembly of the United Nations and Chairman of the United Nations Atomic Energy Commission and of its Palestine Commission. In later years Dr Evatt became the Chief Justice of New South Wales.

Dr Herbert Vere Evatt was a devotee of art and music and a keen sportsman. He played a significant part in Australian politics, in the law and, most importantly, he furthered Australia's national status and image throughout the world.

Image courtesy of National Archives: A1200

Our Motto

"Flying High" was adopted as the motto as a result of a school competition held in 1984.

Our Emblem

The Australian Wedge-tailed Eagle was adopted as the emblem in 1984.

Evatt Eagle emblem