Student Leaders

Students at Evatt Primary School are given many leadership opportunities from Kindergarten to Year 6. Some of these opportunities include participation in the Student Representative Council, the Green Team or as our Year 6 School Leaders.

Student Representative Council

The Student Representative Council is a forum where students can voice ideas and develop proposals to take to the wider school community. The members are elected from Kindergarten to Year 6. The SRC is coordinated by elected student leaders and a teacher advisor.

The SRC has been involved in regular discussions on such subjects as encouraging positive behaviour, and our school values, promoting healthy lifestyles and encouraging safety. Members of the SRC attend leadership training events, such as the Minister's Student Forum.

The SRC organises annual fundraisers to raise community awareness and provide monetary support to a host of international, national and local charities. The SRC hosts an annual Talent Quest, which helps to promote the performing arts to our student body. Students from the SRC also run a stall at the Spring Fair.

The Green Team

The Green Team was formed at Evatt Primary School to undertake environmental activities to complement the work done in class and support school environmental initiatives.

The role of the team is to:

  • promote an environmentally conscious culture within the school by encouraging a sustainable approach in the students, through the school learning experience
  • provide advice on environmentally friendly lifestyles to the wider school community by improving school surroundings, facilities and attitudes, through projects such as setting up recycling collections and installing rainwater tanks.

The Green Team has been invaluable in progressing environmental initiatives. It adds practical help, such as seeking funds, beautifying gardens and organising working bees. The school has already achieved major environmental improvements. The Green Team has contributed to the success of these projects.

Year 6 School Leaders

At the end of Year 5, students are given the opportunity to nominate themselves as a future Year 6 School Leader. These students present a speech to explain why they would like to be a leader, as well as what type of leadership qualities they possess. All students in our upper primary classes are able to vote in the important decision to elect our Year 6 School Leaders.

Year 6 School Leaders represent our school at various local events, facilitate the SRC meetings and lead our whole-school assemblies.