Learning Support and EALD

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English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EAL/D) support at Evatt school is catered for by classroom teachers and two teachers in the literacy support team. Students for whom English is an additional language or dialect and who have been identified, are provided with additional English language instruction. Their English language learning programs are individualised and differentiated, to cater for each student's own language learning needs. Similarly aged and/or staged students may be taught together in a small group format or individually supported in their classroom.

MiniLit is a small group literacy support program used at Evatt Primary to support students in the early years. MiniLit provides direct instruction in the key elements of early reading: phonemic awareness, fluency, vocabulary development and text comprehension.

Students in years 3-6 who have been identified through school-based and national assessments as requiring additional literacy support may be included in the MacqLit program. This program assists students to develop rapid, automatic and efficient word recognition strategies, supported by connected text reading to ensure skills are generalised to authentic reading experiences. These students are also given opportunities to practise their skills by regularly reading one-on-one with a tutor using Reinforced Reading techniques.

Some useful early literacy resources we recommend for families include:


Reading Eggs by Blake eLearning (requires a paid subscription)

Sight Words: Kids Learn by Teacher Created Materials (free)

English Words: Everyone Learns by Teacher Created Materials (free)

Dr Seuss Treasury by Oceanhouse Media

Phonics Fun Farm Games by 22 learn


phonics play 

reading A-Z 

letters and sounds (phase 3 games)

letters and sounds (phase 2 games)