A corner of the Japanese room The doorway to the Japanese room Japanese artifacts

Japanese at Evatt School is a much-loved and successful program running since 2014. All K-6 students in the school participate in one lesson of Japanese per week. Lessons are undertaken in our Japanese room which features Japanese style furniture and Japanese artefacts and displays.

The students learn a range of language skills from simple greetings and introductions to more complex interactions and grammatical structures in the later years. Students also participate in a variety of activities to learn about the cultural aspects of Japanese life. Students learn through songs, role plays, performances and interacting with real-life Japanese materials. Students learn to read and write hiragana, a Japanese script, and are introduced to high frequency kanji characters.

Each year since 2016 Evatt School has hosted a Japanese Teaching Assistant from Kagoshima University who works as a volunteer in all Japanese classes.  The assistants are an asset to the school who bring an extra level of engagement to the language classes.

Students at Evatt are interested and inspired Japanese learners who are developing language skills along with a desire to learn more about the world around them.

Quayle Sensei
Japanese Teacher

Learning links for students

Kidsweb Japan

Short fun Japanese lesson videos

Hiragana learning video (youtube link)

Japanese Counting Song (youtube link)

Stand up, Sit down Song (youtube link)

Yokai Watch Dance (youtube link)