Sustainable Schools

The Chain Gang - Education for Sustainability at Evatt School

Evatt Primary School has around 330 students and has been awarded Actsmart Schools Five Star Accreditation. Education for sustainability is a core school value.

Our case study flyer can be found here:

Waste and recycling at Evatt- link to youtube

Education for sustainability plays an important role in motivating and empowering young people to participate in working towards a more sustainable future. It involves the development of knowledge about the environment and experiential learning in the environment. Sustainability education motivates and empowers students to change their behaviour in order to achieve positive environmental outcomes as well as educating and encouraging others to change their practices around sustainability.

Sustainability lessons are very practical and involve a lot of physical work around the school and in the gardens so students should be sure to remember hats, sunscreen and drink bottles.

The program derives its name from our schools' strong commitment to cycling as a sustainable and healthy way for students to commute to school. A bicycle chain is a strong but flexible chain that transmits power from the pedals to the driving wheel of the bicycle. This combination of strength and flexibility provides a mechanical metaphor for the resilience and team work valued within our school.

Evatt Garden