Student Wellbeing

Student Behaviour and Student Environment

The development of consistent and acceptable standards of behaviour amongst children and respect for the rights and property of others, is the joint responsibility of both school and home.

School Psychologist Services

The School Psychologist attends Evatt School two days per week, providing assistance to children with learning difficulties or social/behavioural concerns.

The School Psychologist is a fully qualified psychologist, as well as having a teaching background. Performing assessments of child's needs, consulting with parents and teachers, following up and monitoring progress are key elements of the role.

Parents wishing to consult the School Psychologist may do so by making an appointment through the school office.

Liaison with High Schools

Evatt School is part of the active Melba High and Copland College Cluster of schools. Liaison across the cluster allows children to move from one level of education to the other without undue interruption to their progress. Cluster schools work together on special programs such as environment education and enrichment opportunities for students.