Our School Values

School Philosophy

This year, students worked together with staff to identify the following four values that embody our ethos - SOAR:

SUCCESS at Evatt School means taking pride in your work, trying your best, setting and achieving goals, working hard, completing tasks

OPTIMISM at Evatt School means having self-belief, looking on the bright side, being happy, being positive, being proud

ACCEPTANCE at Evatt School means being honest with yourself and others, accepting others’ differences, accepting your own mistakes and behaviour, being friendly to all, showing forgiveness

RESILIENCE at Evatt School means being the bigger person, picking yourself back up when challenges arise, having faith in yourself, showing grit by not giving up, managing your emotions.


Evatt School aims to:

  • provide an education that is both meaningful and relevant to our students in a happy, secure and caring environment;
  • ensure that each student is provided with the opportunities to be proficient in the skills outlined in the curriculum statements.