Years 3/4

Term 2 Overview 2017

Welcome to Term 2

The 3/4 team are ready for another term of learning and achievement. The team in 3/4 is led by Johnathan Price, and comprises of Jo Argaet, Anna Bodle, and Susan Hammond. Students will continue to work closely with Glynis Steward during English and mathematics and we also wish Caroline Wheeler well while on extended leave.


Daily Five

Students in 3/4 will continue to work with the Daily Five program, a model for literacy that fosters independence. Each day the students complete five literacy tasks:

  • Read to Self,
  • Read to Others,
  • Listen to Reading,
  • Word Work, and
  • Work on Writing.

While the students work through the Daily Five, teachers will conference with small groups of students or individuals in order to target specific needs.

This term will also have a key focus on speaking as the children practise and present their Rostrum pieces. This competition aims to improve preparation and public speaking skills in children.

Guided reading

During guided reading sessions, teachers will be introducing new reading strategies along with helping students to refine strategies they currently use. Students are placed in groups with other students who are at a similar stage of reading development or needing to learn a particular reading strategy.

Word Work

Through word studies, 3/4 students will examine, manipulate and categorise words in order to develop their understanding of critical features - sound, pattern and meaning. Students will work in small groups with the teacher to complete work studies matched to their level of word knowledge as well as completing individual word work activities.

Work on Writing

Students will be writing regularly for a variety of purposes and audiences. Along with helping students to form ideas and providing clear criteria for success, teachers will explicitly teach writing skills. Working in small groups allows plenty of opportunities to discuss ideas, verbalise thoughts and receive feedback.


The 3/4 teachers have been very impressed with the way students have settled into their maths groups and are showing amazing enthusiasm for mental computation.

This term we will continue our maths routines with students moving between whole units and working in smaller targeted groups. There are 3 groups:

  • Year 3 group - Miss Hammond
  • Year 4 group - Ms. Bodle and Mr Price
  • What I Need group - Miss Argaet

Mrs Steward will work with all students to improve their mental computation skills, identifying and practising the easiest and most efficient way of doing calculations in their head.

As students need multiple opportunities to learn and then consolidate concepts, maths topics will be taught on a rotating basis across the year with each topic being covered in several different ways. The skills will be taught through explicit teaching, guided activities and independent work. Students use hands on materials, games and written work to show their understanding. This term some of the topics we will focus on include fractions, measurement, data, patterns, money, multiplication and division.


Students will continue to develop their understanding of Australia and its neighbours this term. We will examine major natural and human characteristics. Specific geographic skills include map reading and making as well as the use of simple grid references and compass directions to communicate location.

Civics and Citizenship

During the second half of the term students will explore democracy in our school. We will be explicitly focusing on the Civics and Citizenship curriculum outcomes and connecting this learning to the practical experience of students in voting for SRC. Our unit Get Voting will elect suitable student leaders while modelling good democratic practice. Key questions include:

  1. What positions are being elected?
  2. Who can stand for election?
  3. Who is eligible to vote?
  4. What type of election?
  5. How will the school community be involved?

Social and Emotional Learning

Student will continue participating in the Friendly Schools Plus program. This term we are focusing on self-management skills, helping children to control and direct their emotions in appropriate ways. This work will also help the students to recognise opinions and emotions in their peers, developing their understanding of empathy.

Students in the 3/4 team will be working with all the 3/4 teachers, either in cohort wide activities or targeted individual groups. To assist students to smoothly transition between teachers, we will continue to use common language of THINK throughout the unit.  We will continue to implement the school values of success, optimism, acceptance and resilience (SOAR).


Classes will use the Chromebooks weekly for formal IT lessons as well as utilising everyday technology within the 3/4 classrooms. ICT is integrated across the curriculum.


Eating times are supervised in the 3/4 shared space before both play breaks. During this time, students will learn and develop their awareness of healthy eating habits and appropriate manners.

Physical Education

Mrs Martin will continue to take all the year 3/4 classes for a 45 minute lesson of Physical Education each week.  The Skinks will have PE on Tuesday and the Bats and Turtles will have PE on Wednesday.  During term 2, the children will be developing the fundamental motor skills of throwing and catching, predominantly through the sport of softball/baseball but also AFL. They will continue to refine the locomotor skills covered last term of running, jumping, leaping and dodging.  A large emphasis will continue to be placed on working cooperatively, following the rules fairly and being a good sport.


Students this semester will be studying a biological science unit about plants. They will investigate germination and the stages of a plant's life cycle, developing an understanding of the requirements for survival. Students will also be actively involved in the school’s vegetable gardens, sowing seeds, planting, maintaining, harvesting and selling produce.


This term in Japanese students will continue to learn to speak about family members with a strong focus on learning to read the Hiragana alphabet.


Students visit the library weekly on Tuesday afternoons. Students are encouraged to borrow two books for reading at home. Fabric library bags are recommended for transporting the books.

Learning at Home

Students are encouraged to read regularly at home with an adult or older sibling. We are also encouraging students to explore the mental computation games we are learning at school. In preparation for Rostrum, students may benefit from some planning discussion and opportunities to practice. Students will receive a detailed note regarding Rostrum.