Years 3/4

Term 4 Overview 2017

Welcome to Term 4 in the 3/4 Unit

The 3/4 team are ready for a final term full of success, optimism, acceptance and resilience. Term 4 is traditionally busy with reports and end of year performances adding to an already crowded timetable. The educator team remains the same being lead by Johnathan Price, and comprising of Jo Argaet, Anna Bodle, Susan Hammond with Rosemary Cleary providing LSA support. Students will continue to work closely with Glynis Steward during English and mathematics.


Students in the 3/4 unit are participating in a rich literacy learning environment supported by four teachers. At the core of our learning time students participate in:

  • Guided and independent reading
  • Wordle groups
  • Work on Writing.

Guided Reading

During guided reading sessions, teachers will be introducing new reading strategies along with helping students to refine strategies they currently use. Students are placed in groups with other students who are at a similar stage of reading development or needing to learn a particular reading strategy.


This term, there is a designated time for viewing literacy. The learning focus is on taking notes in order to remember and recall key information whilst engaged in literature. This is intended to support comprehension and discussion skills.

Wordle Groups

These groups are designed to target students specific needs in spelling, vocabulary and literature study. Through word studies, 3/4 students will examine, manipulate and categorise words in order to develop their understanding of critical features - sound, pattern and meaning. Students will work in small groups with the teacher to complete work studies matched to their level of word knowledge as well as completing individual word work activities.

Work on Writing

Students will be writing regularly for a variety of purposes and audiences. Along with helping students to form ideas and providing clear criteria for success, teachers will explicitly teach writing skills. This term’s focus is instruction, explanation, social and poetry writing. Specific time will be allocated to forming oral ideas before committing them to paper.


The 3/4 students continue to show positive learning attitudes towards their maths learning and so our number routines remain the same with 4 targeted groups combining year 3 and 4 students. These groups are fluid based on need and teachers regularly discuss student progress and movement for either consolidation or extension:

  • Miss Hammond
  • Ms. Bodle and Mr Price
  • Miss Argaet
  • Mrs Steward.

Mental computation skills have been reduced to one targeted session per week in order to provide additional support to our maths topics. Students are expanding their knowledge by combining strategies in order to solve related or more complex problems.

We also have two lessons a week targeting skills in statistics and probability and revising geometry. For these lessons we are grouping students by year level.


This term we are studying the story of our Nation's Capital. The purpose of this unit is to investigate the history of Canberra. It starts at a time before Canberra existed and works through to contemporary Canberra and the role it plays as our Nation’s Capital. Students will identify and describe aspects of their community that have changed and remained the same over time. They will describe the diverse characteristics of different places at the local scale and identify and describe similarities and differences between the characteristics of these places.


Students will participate in an arts rotation on Wednesday afternoons focusing on displaying, making and appreciation skills:

  • Media Arts - Miss Hammond
  • Visual Arts - Mr Price
  • Music - Miss Argaet.


This semester, students will learn how to interpret health messages and discuss the influence on healthy and safe choices. They will understand the benefit of staying healthy and being physically active. They will describe the connections they have to their community and identify local resources to support their health, wellbeing, safety and physical activity.

Physical Education

Mrs Martin will continue to take all the year 3/4 classes for a 45 minute lesson of Physical Education each week. The Bats will have PE on Tuesday and the Turtles and Skinks will have PE on Wednesday.  During term 4, the children will be endeavouring to master the fundamental motor skills of ‘ball bounce’ and ‘two handed sidearm strike’, as well as continuing to examine the benefits of physical activity to our health and wellbeing.  Throughout all skills development, there will be a focus on working cooperatively, following the rules and being a good sport.


This term in sustainability, the students will be working on units of work developing the awareness of sustaining the Earth’s valuable resources. Topics covered include biodiversity, energy, waste and water.


This term in Japanese, students will continue to explore the differences and similarities between Japanese and Australian houses. They will also further their study of the hiragana syllabary.


Students visit the library weekly. Students are increasingly encouraged to borrow two books for reading at home with at least one that will challenge their vocabulary. Fabric library bags are recommended for transporting the books.

Library days are as follows:

  • TURTLES: Tuesday (Miss Argaet)
  • BATS: Tuesday (Miss Hammond)
  • SKINKS: Monday (Ms Bodle and Mr Price).

Learning at Home

Students are encouraged to read regularly at home with an adult or older sibling. We are also encouraging students to explore the mental computation games we are learning at school.