Years 3/4- The Computer Scientists

Nicole ZimmerTeam Leader
Glynis StewardImpact Coach
Susan HammondThe Babbages
Barbara ToddThe Hamiltons
Johnathon PriceThe Turings

Year 3/4 Term 4 2018

Term 4 Overview (PDF 90.4 KB)

Middle school students are learning to be more independent and self-motivating learners through participation in self-evaluation and goal setting. They learn to use writing for different purposes and edit their writing to improve the impact on their audience. They become more agile mathematicians using their mental and written skills efficiently to produce consistently accurate answers. Students have the opportunity to explore a variety of experiences within the science, HASS and Arts curriculum in order to express their ideas and change their understanding of the world around them. Students are encouraged to be observant and analytical in order to become critical thinkers.

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E-safety (online safety, Australian Government website)

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