Year 1/2 Classes – The Animal Kingdom

What artwork can you create using three black dots?

What artwork can you create using three black dots?

Using a hamburger model to plan writing.

Using a hamburger model to plan writing.

A comfortable reading space

A comfortable reading space

Louise Frawley Team Leader and Impact Coach
Brianna Thomas The Mammologists
Kavita Davies/Amanda Cooke The Ichthyologists
Felicity Toohey/Amanda Cooke The Herpetologists
Ann Brennan The Entomologists

Year 1/2 Term 4 2018

Term 4 year 1/2 (PDF 77.7 KB)

Term 4 overview

Dear parents and carers,
Welcome back to term 4!

What's on this term?

  • Week 3 Japanese day
  • Week 4 Friendly Frogs assembly
  • Week 9 School Musical
  • Week 10 End of year celebration

Weekly Timetable:

  • Mondays: Library (all classes), Gross Motor/Basketball clinics
  • Tuesdays: PE for PP’s & FF’s         Thursdays: PE for QQ’s

We are looking forward to another term of teaching and learning with your child,
Kavita Davies, Brianna Thomas, Barbara Todd, Karin Hawker, Louise Frawley (Team leader)


Students’ literacy skills will continue through the following activities:

  • Comprehension and grammar
  • Spelling
  • Narrative, persuasive texts and poetry
  • Writing to Inquire (attached to the inquiry unit)


Students are given opportunities to understand, explore and consolidate the following topics this term:

  • Year 1: 3D shapes, length, capacity, money, addition, subtraction and place value
  • Year 2: Numbers to 1000, trading, multiplication, division, area, mass, chance, 2D shapes, time (duration) and problem solving skills

Physical Education

Mrs Martin will continue to take all the year 1/2 classes for 45 minute lessons of Physical Education each week. During term 4 the students will be participating in activities to develop fundamental motor skills and games which involve following rules and playing fairly. They will also identify and discuss ways their bodies react when participating in physical activities .

The Arts

The students will continue to make visual representations of their ideas through artwork, using a range of mediums. In music, all three classes will meet to practise songs for the whole school musical.

Digital Technologies

We will continue to incorporate the use of ICT in class teaching and learning. We will be using the Chromebooks for media arts and typing skills.


This term in Japanese students will develop vocabulary and skills to enable them to state their name, age and year level, likes and nationality to deliver a short self-introduction using associated greetings and formalities.

Integrated Inquiry Unit: Spot the Difference (Science)

Students will be conducting experiments and investigating the changes to the properties of food when heating and cooling is applied. The unit is designed to elicit questions from the students in regards to the changes they observe, share observations and ideas and discuss explanations. Students will be required to design and make a structure made of uncooked spaghetti and marshmallows. They will be writing a report on their observations and making suggestions for our technology unit.