Years 1/2

Term 2 overview

Dear Parents and Carers,
Welcome back to another busy term!


  • Week 7 Friendly frogs
  • Week 8 Quirky Quokkas
  • Week 10 Perfect Potoroos
  • Junior Flying High’s every odd week.

Weekly Timetable:

  • Mondays: Library (all classes), Gross Motor/Tennis
  • Tuesdays: PE for PP’s & FF’s         Thursdays: PE for QQ’s

We are looking forward to another term of teaching and learning with your child,
Kavita Davies, Brianna Thomas, Barbara Todd, Michelle van Puyvelde, Louise Frawley (Team leader)


Students’ literacy skills will continue through the following activities:

  • Handwriting, using correct pencil grip and consistent lettering.
  • Reading strategies: using the CAFÉ strategies
  • Comprehension and grammar
  • Spelling (spelling words will also be sent home this term)
  • Narrative texts, specifically structure
  • Information texts (attached to the inquiry unit


Students are given opportunities to understand, explore and consolidate the following topics this term:

  • Year 1: Place value, skip counting, number patterns, 2D shapes, fractions, time to the half hour.
  • Year 2: Place value,addition and subtraction,early multiplication skills,length, volume and capacity, 3D shapes, chance and data and problem solving skills

Physical Education

Mrs Martin will continue to take all the year 1/2 classes for 45 minute lessons of Physical Education each week.  During term 2 the children will be developing the fundamental motor skills of throwing and catching.  We will continue to refine the locomotor skills we covered last term of running, jumping, leaping and dodging.  A large emphasis will continue to be placed on working cooperatively, following the rules fairly and being a good sport.

The Arts

The students will continue to make visual representations of their ideas through artwork, using a range of mediums. All three classes will meet to listen, sing and move to a variety of songs. The students will also be provided with opportunities to participate in popular dances throughout the term.

Digital Technologies

We will continue to incorporate the use of ICT in class teaching and learning. We will also begin some basic code programming on the chromebooks.



This term in Japanese students will continue to develop vocabulary and skills to discuss the weather in Japanese. Students will be introduced to the hiragana syllabary and also learn some high frequency kanji. They will explore some Japanese cultural traditions regarding the weather.

Integrated Inquiry Unit: How is present family life different to past family life? (History)

Students will be investigating family life and how some aspects have changed over time while some remain the same. We will explore artifacts from the past and the significance they hold. Students will become familiar with recording timelines. There will be an emphasis on researching by creating and asking questions about school life from an older person, then using the answers to write an information report.