Additional Needs Team

Evatt School is an inclusive school catering for a wide range of abilities. Evatt's philosophy is to provide each student with the opportunity to succeed in learning and to reach their own individual potential.

Our special needs support classes provide the opportunity for children with learning difficulties to grow and function independently within the class, school and community settings. These classes provide an enriching program which is built on equality, opportunity, acceptance, tolerance and inclusivity. There is a strong emphasis on confidence, self-esteem, social and life skills, self-worth and belonging.

Each special education student is catered for through an Individual Learning Plan which aims to target the students' academic, social, emotional and physical needs. These targets are assessed regularly and revised to meet the student's growth and development.  Each student within the classroom setting is given the opportunity through varied teaching approaches, styles and programs to reach their goals, being academic or behavioural whilst engaging in a classroom setting.

Evatt School continues with The Daily 5 literacy program to manage the literacy block. The philosophy behind the Daily 5 is to encourage literacy independence by "reading to yourself", "reading to someone", "work on writing", "listen to reading" and "spelling/word work". The students in the special needs support classes access the same program according to their ability level. In addition, students who access learning in the mainstream classes are equipped to participate fully, due to the common language and instructional routines used throughout the school.

Homework routines vary from group to group and individual needs. There is an expectation that all students have the opportunity to read or to be read to nightly. Students will also be provided with additional tasks from time to time depending on their educational needs.

Students participate in daily Physical Education lessons by joining a mainstream class as well as having a weekly individual class lesson with the Release Teacher, who teaches Japanese. Students will also be engaging in Environmental Education with Anna Bodle in the Arboretum.

Our aim at Evatt School is to provide every child the chance to succeed and grow as an individual.

Learning Support: Year 5 and 6   The Eastern Rosellas

Welcome to the Learning Support Unit.

Students will be working towards functional literacy and numeracy skills based on their Individual Learning Programs.   Our focus will be to build students to be contented, engaged and to become confident individuals.


The students will have the opportunity to listen to an interactive story. The students are expected to listen to the story and participate in discussions.

Read to Self: Students will be allocated 15 minutes daily personal reading time to read aloud to a partner/teacher, to read suitable and engaging text that aims to expand their vocabulary and improve their oral language.

Students will engage in weekly spelling sessions.


Students will be given the opportunity to engage in writing based on their writing skills.


Students will participate in math lessons based on their Individual Learning Plan.

The students will also be encouraged to be part of our inclusion program where students will be in mainstream classes in certain areas.   The teacher and the learning support assistant will accompany and support the students in the mainstream classes for the whole duration of inclusion.  This will enable students to make new friends and play with peers in age appropriate groups in the playground.

Social Skills

Student will engage in a SoSAFE program.

The SoSAFE program is where the students will learn about social skills, and social safety in the community. For further information go to:

The students in the Learning Support Unit will be engaging in the inclusion program as mentioned below.  The program will be modified to the individual child’s needs for a successful inclusion.  The students will be engaged in three rotations every Thursday morning.

Teacher Names


Glynis Steward


Jack, Marc

Sustainability, science, Japanese

Brent Griffiths


Talia, Adam, Natasha

Japanese, sustainability, science

Christine Elliott

Nicholas, Matthew, Michaela

Science, Japanese, sustainability

The Teacher and LSA will accompany these students to provide inclusion support.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Students will continue to regularly use iPads, Chromebooks and the Smartboard to enhance their learning through internet research and word processing.

Physical Education (PE)

Year 5/6 students complete a variety of physical education activities. These activities include tennis, fundamental movement skills, dance, skipping, bike education and modified cooperative games.

The Arts

Students participate in weekly sessions that incorporate skills in visual and performing arts.

Science & Sustainability

These lessons occur every Thursday. The increase in the student population at Evatt School has resulted in some exciting additions to the release program. As well as weekly science lessons with Judy Birtles, students will also study sustainability with Anna Bodle. Education for sustainability plays an important role in motivating and empowering young people to participate in working towards a more sustainable future. It involves the development of knowledge about the environment and experiential learning in the environment. The aim is to enhance student empowerment in order to change behaviours to achieve positive environmental outcomes. Sustainability lessons are very practical and involve a lot of physical work around the school and in the gardens so students should be sure to remember hats, sunscreen and drink bottles.

Languages Other Than English (LOTE):  Japanese

Japanese lessons are taught by Leanne Quayle/Quayle Sensei. These lessons occur every Thursday. In Terms 1 and 2 students will explore different Oshougatsu (New Year) traditions that are observed in Japan. Students will have the opportunity to take part in some of these activities and explain their significance. Students will build on their knowledge of counting in Japanese up to thousands including using yen as a unit of currency. Target vocabulary and grammar structures will be practised through exploring shopping. Students will increase their understanding and abilities in reading and writing hiragana and high frequency kanji.


The library borrowing days will be Wednesday.  Students will be permitted to borrow 6 books.

Students are encouraged to bring a fruit to share during fruit break time (optional).

Students are encouraged to read daily and your child will be provided with take home books on Tuesday, to be back by Friday.

We are looking forward to an exciting year and to being part of your child’s learning.  We encourage regular communication with you through ILP meetings, interviews and informal catch-ups.

Sarita Nand                              Teacher

Rosemary Cleary                     Learning Support Assistant