Additional Needs Team

Evatt School is an inclusive school catering for a wide range of abilities. Evatt's philosophy is to provide each student with the opportunity to succeed in learning and to reach their own individual potential.

Our special needs support classes provide the opportunity for children with learning difficulties to grow and function independently within the class, school and community settings. These classes provide an enriching program which is built on equality, opportunity, acceptance, tolerance and inclusivity. There is a strong emphasis on confidence, self-esteem, social and life skills, self-worth and belonging.

Each special education student is catered for through an Individual Learning Plan which aims to target the students' academic, social, emotional and physical needs. These targets are assessed regularly and revised to meet the student's growth and development.  Each student within the classroom setting is given the opportunity through varied teaching approaches, styles and programs to reach their goals, being academic or behavioural whilst engaging in a classroom setting.

Evatt School continues with The Daily 5 literacy program to manage the literacy block. The philosophy behind the Daily 5 is to encourage literacy independence by "reading to yourself", "reading to someone", "work on writing", "listen to reading" and "spelling/word work". The students in the special needs support classes access the same program according to their ability level. In addition, students who access learning in the mainstream classes are equipped to participate fully, due to the common language and instructional routines used throughout the school.

Homework routines vary from group to group and individual needs. There is an expectation that all students have the opportunity to read or to be read to nightly. Students will also be provided with additional tasks from time to time depending on their educational needs.

Our aim at Evatt School is to provide every child the chance to succeed and grow as an individual.

Evatt School has three Learning Support Units.  Our current structure is:

  • K-2 Unit - Teacher Jayne Murray, LSA Jade Pehar
  • 2-4 Unit - Teacher Kelly Pulver, LSA Oliver Cashman
  • 5-6 Unit - Teacher Gosha Citowicki, LSA Justene Crisp
  • Team Leader - Michelle Van Puyvelde.