Additional Needs Team (ANTS) - The Wattles

Felicity TooheyTeam Leader and Impact Coach
Peter Simmons  (Teacher),  Justene Crisp  (Educational Support)Alpine Wattles
Ben Sterland (Teacher),  Wendy Wyeth and Kylie McEvoy (Educational Support)Golden Wattles
Gosia Citowicki  (Teacher),  Georgia Davies and Jack Cheeseman (Educational Support)Silver Wattles

Evatt School is an inclusive school catering for a wide range of abilities. Evatt's philosophy is to provide each student with the opportunity to succeed in learning and to reach their own individual potential.

The students in our learning support units learn to be active citizens where they engage in a variety of learning opportunities such as science, math, literacy, cooking, shopping and HASS. We believe that real context leads to real life learning. Students learn to read maps, count money, measure and prepare food and have conversations whilst engaging in learning (social skills). Students are encouraged to come up with ‘I wonder’ statements and work through how to find the answers, using Kath Murdoch’s’ inquiry based learning approach. Through the inquiry based methodology, our students are encouraged to be creative and critical thinkers, whilst engaging with experts and sharing their learning with others.

Each additional needs student is catered for through an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) which aims to target the students' academic, social, emotional and physical needs. These targets are assessed regularly and revised to meet the student's growth and development.

Useful resources and websites

National Gallery of Australia (NGA)

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

Cool Maths Games