Kindergarten - The South East Region

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Louise FrawleyTeam Leader and Impact Coach
Brianna ThomasNgarigo
Sarah VeitchNgunawal

Term 1 2020 Overview

Kindergarten students are learning to be effective communicators and improve oral language through participation in discussion, singing and play. They are learning to read and write simple sentences with the inspiration of rich literature.  They are gaining mathematics skills and learning the importance of turn taking through a variety of mathematics games. Students have opportunity to create artworks using a variety of mediums. Kindergarten students are encouraged to be independent and curious learners.

Useful resources and websites for parents/carers

Speech Pathology (ACT Government website)

Child Development (ACT Government website)

Parenting Ideas (online courses)

Useful resources and websites for students

Starfall (reading/phonics)

Endless Wordplay (app, available in iTunes and Google Play)