Kindergarten Term 3 Parent Information

Welcome to Term 3, 2017

  • Earth Enthusiasts, taught by Miss Nicole Lazarakis
  • Planet Protectors, taught by Mrs Katie Fleming

Important dates

Week 2, Tuesday Onesie Day
Week 2, Friday Assembly
Week 6, Book Week
Week 9, Thursday Learning Journey
Week 9 and 10 Swimming

Welcome back to all our Kindergarten families. Third term is again shaping up to be another busy term with lots of exciting things. This term we are learning about ‘Fairy tales’. This will form part of an integrated unit based on our STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) unit on ‘Materials’. We will be investigating how objects are made of materials that have observable properties. We will be investigating these properties and learning vocabulary to describe and compare them.


Work on Writing

This term we are looking at how to re-tell familiar texts and write descriptive texts. Students will be working with either Mrs Frawley, Miss Lazarakis or Mrs Fleming during these sessions.

Speaking and Listening

Students will be involved in a number of speaking and listening activities. This term we continue to use the news book to support students to prepare a short presentation each week. These presentations are based on our STEAM topic ‘Materials’.

Word Work

In term 3 we will be trialling new Word Work groups.  These will be targeted to the needs of the students and will continue to follow our phonemic awareness program.  The aim of these sessions is to increase students’ ability to recognise and use sounds, both in reading and writing activities.


This term in maths the students will be continuing to explore the concept of measurement and begin comparing objects according to their size. In number they will be exploring number patterns and sequences, including skip counting by 2s, 5s and 10s.


This term students will continue their introduction to Japanese language and culture through the use of songs and games. They will further develop their language skills in basic greetings. Students will learn more colours in Japanese along with consolidating and extending their counting skills. Students will continue to utilise classroom language in Japanese and will be exposed to the different Japanese writing systems.


‘Weather in my World’- In science lessons with Mrs Letton, Kindergarten students will be exploring how weather affects their world. Students understanding about air, sun and wind will be developed through hands on activities.


The library day for all Kindergarten students is Friday. Please help your child remember to bring their library bag and books each Friday and to return their books in a timely manner.

Health and Physical Education

Mrs Martin will be taking both the kindergarten classes for a 45 minute lesson of physical education each week.  The focus of our lessons this term will be on the fundamental motor skills of throwing and catching.  While developing these skills we will continue to participate in games and learn how to cooperate and encourage others.  Throughout all activities there will be an emphasis on fair play. Students will also participate in gross motor sessions each Tuesday afternoon. The focus of these sessions will be dance instruction and body awareness activities (such as balance, hand/eye coordination and left/right body movements).

Notes and Information

If your child is away due to illness or an appointment we require a written note. This can be done through the school app, providing a handwritten note or by sending an email to your child's teacher. This is a legal requirement and the note will be kept on your child’s student file for the remainder of their schooling time.

Please ensure the blue notes folders are promptly returned to school as each Wednesday they will be used to send information home to parents/carers.

As an allergy-friendly school we ask you not to send any products with peanuts, sesame seeds (or either of these oils) in the ingredients list! Within the kindergarten cohort we do have children who have severe allergies. Students are also not to share food with other children.  Your cooperation with our allergy-friendly policy is much appreciated.

Katie Fleming

Nicole Lazarakis