Kindergarten – Term 1 Overview 2017

Welcome to Kindergarten 2017. Our two classes this year are Earth Enthusiasts, taught by Miss Nicole Lazarakis and Planet Protectors, taught by Mrs Katie Fleming.

Important dates:

  • Weeks 3-4                           PIPs testing
  • Week 3                                 Parent Teacher Interviews
  • 3 March                                Evatt School Swimming Carnival
  • 13 March                             Canberra Day Holiday
  • 16 March                             Parent Reading Workshop
  • 7 April                                   Last Day of Term 1, 2017

The beginning of the year is an exciting time for Kindergarten. We dedicate plenty of time in the first few weeks of school getting to know each other, the routines and the expectations of school. Our theme for the term is “My Family, Your Family”. We will be looking at who we are, who came before me, where do I live and what makes a place special?


This year Evatt School is continuing with the Daily 5 English program. We will be introducing the children to the terms: Read to Self, Read to Someone, Listen to Reading, Word Work (spelling) and Work on Writing.  We will be familiarising the students with these terms, and brainstorming expectations of what the classroom will look like, sound like and feel like during these times. Letters and sounds are taught explicitly and in conjunction with big books. Take home reading folders will be sent home in week 3. The children will have the opportunity to change their readers during class time on Mondays and Fridays. If you would like to change your child's readers more often, please do so with your child in the mornings or afternoons. Children will be assessed on their Magic 100 Words and may be bringing home words they need to practise as well as some word recognition games you may like to play with your child. It is important to read with your child each day and we have provided some information to assist with this.  Parent Reading Workshops will be held on 16 March at 9 am and 5.30 pm.

Work on Writing

This term we will focus on the social purpose ‘writing to recount’. The children will be recounting their holidays as well as the school swimming carnival.  Throughout this time the children will be working on constructing simple sentences verbally and attempting to write some words and sounds. Handwriting skills are explicitly taught using the NSW foundation style with lessons focusing on posture, pencil grip and correct letter formation.

Speaking and Listening

This is an essential part of literacy learning and helps develop important speaking and listening skills. Students will be expected to make informal presentations throughout the term. These presentations will be based on our topic “My Family, Your Family” and will support children greatly with their understanding in this unit. A guide to weekly presentations will be provided, along with a suggested template of how to help children organise their ideas.


We are learning to represent the numbers to 10 in different ways including: drawing, tally marks, written words and symbols, tens frame and number lines. Learning the days of the week and their significance is also part of our daily mathematics program. The children will be encouraged to participate in more challenging tasks as they become ready. Counting forwards and backwards or practising writing numbers with your child at home is also encouraged.


Students will learn Japanese with our Japanese teacher Sense Quayle. This term in Japanese students will be introduced to the country of Japan and Japanese language and culture through the use of activities, songs and games. They will develop their language skills in basic greetings and counting in Japanese.


Students this semester will be exploring Biological Science working on an inquiry unit ‘Staying Alive’. Through this unit the students will have the opportunity to investigate the needs for survival. The students’ understanding will be developed through interactive activities. Living things have basic needs including food and water for survival.

Kindergarten students will also be actively involved in our school grounds planting, harvesting and maintaining our environment.


The library day for all Kindergarten students is Friday. Each child will be allocated a library bag and will be able to borrow as of week 3. Please help your child remember to bring their library bag and books each Friday and to return their books in a timely manner.

Health and Physical Education

Physical Education will happen each day. Our focus for this term is ‘run’. Dedicated Gross Motor sessions occur on Thursday afternoons. Please ensure your child wears appropriate shoes for P.E. games. Mrs Martin will be taking both of the kindergarten classes for a 45 minute lesson of Physical Education each week.  The focus of our lessons will be on participating in games, learning how to cooperate with others and following the rules.  Throughout all activities they will learn to encourage each other and play fairly. These lessons occur on a Wednesday afternoon.

Social Skills lessons are given explicitly on Tuesday and informally every day. We are using circle time and lessons from the Friendly Schools Plus resource to enrich our social skills program. This term our focus is ‘Self-awareness’. We also put a strong emphasis on Protective Behaviours; identifying the early warning signs and safe places.

Notes and information

Each child will be provided with a blue folder to place any notes in. Please check these and return the folder daily to ensure you do not miss any deadlines. Additional or spare notes are available from the kinder room. It is also highly recommended that you read the newsletter and download the Evatt School app in order to remain up to date with important information.

Eating at School

Eating well is an important part of Kindergarten. Having healthy things to eat at school improves a child’s mood, physical stamina and mental ability. Packet foods such as chips, lollies and cakes are taught to be ‘sometimes foods.’ They do not help your children learn or support the active lifestyle of a 5 year old.  Ideas for the lunch box are: fruit, vegetables, sandwiches, yoghurt, fresh cheese and crackers. Children are also encouraged to bring a water bottle to school every day and to use it regularly.

At the beginning of B1 and B2 all children are given 10 minutes to eat their food in their classroom area. Please make sure that all food containers are clearly labelled.

As an allergy-friendly school we ask you not to send any products with peanuts, sesame seeds (or either of these oils) in the ingredients list! Within the kindergarten cohort we do have children who have severe allergies. Students are also not to share food with other children. Your cooperation with our allergy-friendly policy is much appreciated.

Term 1 is an exciting term where we get to know the children and the children continue to get to know each other and their teacher.  Please remember, if you have any concerns come and see us, and if necessary we can make an appointment to discuss these matters further.

Katie Fleming

Nicole Lazarakis