Parent and Citizens Association

About the P&C

The aim of the P&C Association is to bring together parents, teachers and interested citizens with the common goal of providing a high standard of primary education for the children of the school. The Association provides a forum where parents and carers can understand more about how the school operates and cooperate to contribute to helping the school achieve its goals.

Examples of practical measures taken by the P&C to enhance the school experience for families include running the canteen, clothing stall, social events for students, families and adults, the annual Environment Fair and a range of fundraising activities. Fundraising supplements government funding and enhances the learning environment of the school by providing items like new books, IT facilities and playground equipment.

The Committee members are elected early in the school year and the P&C is pleased to welcome interested parents at any time. Participating in the P&C is a great way to get to know the school community and to make new friends.

Meetings are usually held each month in the school library. Dates are advertised in the school app and in the newsletter.

P&C Committee Members 2018

Contact the P&C President at

President: Candace Safi
Vice President: Zac Ezzy
Secretary: Krysta Cordina
Treasurer: Shane Dyson
Canteen Treasurer: Adam McEvoy
Canteen Vice-Treasurer: Bron Sparkes
Public Officer: Tracy Hitchins/Candace Safi
Fundraising Coordinator: Tracy Hitchins
Preschool Representative: Felicity Toohey
Uniform Shop:  Krysta Cordina & Felicity Kelly